Floating Shelf Classic – 200mm Wide


  • Solid pine floating shelf, lacquered and treated for protection and durability.
  • DIY instructions and template, with fittings enclosed.

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Floating Shelf Classic – 200mm Wide

Features and Benefits:

Manufactured from 100% Kiln dried South African Pine

Lacquered and treated for protection and durability.

(DIY instructions and template, with fittings enclosed)

Standard size: (Thickness x Width)                                                                         

  • 30mm x 200mm


Maximum weight 15kg

Enclosed with product:

1 x Floating Shelf
1 x Mounting Template
2 x 75mm T-Brackets
4 x Nail-In-Anchors with Wall plugs

Standard Length + Colour + Selling Price:                                                                            

      • 190mm Raw                    R225.00 VAT Incl
      • 440mm Raw                    R295.00 VAT Incl
      • 600mm Raw                    R390.00 VAT Incl
      • 900mm Raw                    R425.00 VAT Incl
      • 1200mm Raw                  R515.00 VAT Incl
      • 190mm Mahogany          R260.00 VAT Incl
      • 440mm Mahogany          R365.00 VAT Incl
      • 600mm Mahogany          R430.00 VAT Incl
      • 900mm Mahogany          R530.00 VAT Incl
      • 1200mm Mahogany        R610.00 VAT Incl
      • 190mm White                 R270.00 VAT Incl
      • 440mm White                 R260.00 VAT Incl
      • 600mm White                 R460.00 VAT Incl
      • 900mm White                 R530.00 VAT Incl
      • 1200mm White               R610.00 VAT Incl
      • 440mm Silver                 R475.00 VAT Incl
      • 600mm Silver                 R495.00 VAT Incl
      • 900mm Silver                 R690.00 VAT Incl
      • 440mm Dark-Grey         R335.00 VAT Incl
      • 600mm Dark-Grey         R395.00 VAT Incl
      • 900mm Dark-Grey         R495.00 VAT Incl

Additional information

Standard size

30 mm x 200 mm

Standard lengths

1200 mm, 190 mm, 440 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm

Colour range

Dark Grey( Only in 440 mm, 600 mm and 900 mm), Mahoghany (All lengths), Raw (All lengths), Silver (Only in 440 mm; 600 mm & 900 mm), White (All lengths)