Multi-purpose Floating Cube

Size: 482mm
R 799


Features and Benefits:
  • Manufactured from MDF (Medium Density Fibre / Supa Wood) 
  • Lacquered and treated for protection and durability
  • The wider 350mm shelf offers a 7 cm x 1 cm rebated groove, to feed media player cables through before securing the shelf to the wall
  • The groove is neatly rebated in such a way that should the shelf not be used for media cabling, it will not impair the aesthetic decorative use of the shelf

Maximum weight 15kg

Standard Dimensions: (Length x Height x  Width)

Outside Dimensions:
482mm x 152mm x 350mm

Inside Dimensions:                                                                         
440mm x 120mm x 350mm      

Enclosed with product:
  • 1x Floating Media Wall Unit
  • 2x (4 x 35mm) Chip screws with wall plugs
  • 2 x Keyslot holders secured and bevelled into the unit
  • 16 x 8mm Dowel pins used to secure the sides of the unit
  • Drilling Guide
  1. Measure the distance from the top of the key slot holders on either side of the unit.
  2. When happy with the position of the unit, use a spirit level to make sure that the 2 holes to be drilled are lined-up, level and straight.
  3. Once both holes are drilled with plugs and the screws in place, leave the screws 3-5mm spaced from the wall, to allow for hanging onto the key slot holders.
  4. Position the wall unit over the 2 screws to mount.
Here's a valuable tip:

When drilling the holes, angle your drill 1-2 degrees upward i.e. drill slightly down into the brick. When mounting the wall unit, the natural weight of the unit will compensate and result in a perfectly flush wall unit.

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