Multi-Purpose Shelf

Size: 1200X300X20
R 499


Please Note: The shelf is sold as a separate unit and does not include the brackets.

Features and Benefits:
  • Manufactured from 100% kiln-dried SA pine
  • Lacquered and treated for protection and durability
Standard sizes: (Thickness x Width x Length)

20mm x 300mm x 1200mm


    Maximum weight 15kg

    Enclosed with product:
    • 1x Multi-Purpose Shelf
    • 4x 4x45mm Chip screws with wall plugs

    If you bought 2 brackets for the shelf, here are some guidelines and tips

    1. The 2 brackets should be mounted against the wall first, before securing the shelf to the brackets.
    2. Using a spirit level, make sure that the 2 brackets are level and straight.
    3. Now lie the shelf flat on top of the 2 brackets and use chip screws to secure the shelf to the brackets – the predrilled holes in the brackets will match up with the premarked pinholes of the shelf.
    4. Repeat the same procedure with both brackets.

    When drilling the holes, angle your drill 1-2 degrees upward i.e. drill slightly down into the brick. When mounting the shelf, the natural weight will compensate and result in a perfectly flush shelf.

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